Consulting Business Area of Engsoft

If you have any requirements for Korean power industry, please feel free to contact Engsoft Power Lab.

Power Plant Overall


Cooperation with Korean EPC Companies


Cooperation with Korean Engineering Companies


Cooperation with Korean Manufacturers


EPC Engineering Management


Power Plant System Engineering


Preparation of Heat Balance and Guarantee Performance


Preparation of P&ID's


Preparation of Calculation Sheets Design Criteria and System Description


Preparation of Automatic Plant Start-up & Shutdown Description for Combined Cycle Power Plant


Preparation of Automatic Plant Control Description for Combined Cycle Power Plant



Steam Turbine Field


 Vibration and Performance of LP Exhaust Hood


 Water Droplet Erosion of LSB(Last Stage Blade)


 Solid Particle Erosion of Blades



Gas Turbine Field


Inlet Systems


Performance Enhancement


Power Plant Control Engineering


 Preparation of Control Loop & Logic Diagrams


 Process Tuning


 Control Commissioning