Boiler Combustion Calculation Software

 ES_Boiler Ver. 100.0002b Issue :

In the Ver. 100.0002b version, the following errors has been corrected.

- Activation error in 64 bits Windows OS

- Ash flow calculation error

- Fuel heating value save error, etc.

The users who have license files are encouraged to download the Ver. 100.0002b installation file from the link below and install it.

Before installing, please remove the Ver. 100.0001b software by using the Program Add/Remove function of Windows Control Panel.

The Ver. 100.0002b installation file is useful only for the users who have license files.   If the program is installed, it is not activated without license file.

New users who want to use the Ver. 100.0002b software are encouraged to apply it in the Free Open Beta Application page.

Download ES_Boiler Ver. 1.00.0002b


ES_Boiler was made long times ago, but was not complete.    Now it is made complete and distributed as beta test version in free.

It calculates boiler combustion based on the book of "STEAM its generation and use, 40th Edition" published by Babcock & Wilcox, USA.  

Additionally, it includes stack draft and sulfuric acid dew point calculation.

You can apply its beta test version in the Free Open Beta Application page.


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