FW Bypass Tab

This tab is for selection and input of operation conditions for Aux. Water and Feed Water Heater Operation of Operation Heat Balance.

Whether to apply Aux. Water should be selected at the Aux.(2) tab of DESIGN window .   Once the application of Aux. Water is selected for Design Heat Balance, then Aux. Water frame of this tab is activated and Aux. Water can be applied at Operation Heat Balance.   If Aux. Water is not required for Design Heat Balance, but required for Operation Heat Balance, please input "0" for Aux. Water flow rate at Design Heat Balance, and then use at Operation Heat Balance.

Water sources for Aux. Water can be selected differently between Design and Operation Heat Balance.

Operation Heat Balances show how the turbine cycle operates, when the turbine cycle is designed according to a Design Heat Balance.

The base Design Heat Balance is the lately run of the Design Heat Balance shown currently in "Design" combo box, regardless the lately run is List Updated or not.  Therefore, it is recommended to "Update List" and save the file of the base Design Heat Balance prior to Operation Heat Balance run.


Aux. Water Supply to frame ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Once Aux. Water Supply to is selected at Design Heat Balance, this frame is activated and used.

Aux. water user name of Operation Heat Balance is same with that of Design Heat Balance.


Water Supply Source combo box

To select water source of Aux. Water.

Water source list includes BFP Discharge and GSC(Gland Steam Condenser) Outlet.

If the water source is BFP Discharge, water supply is possible to Boiler Attemperator as well as External Use, while only External Use is possible if the water source is GSC Outlet.


Water Supply Flow Rate text box

To input Aux. Water flow rate.


For Boiler Reheater Attemperator, For Boiler Superheater Attemperator, For External Use(Make-up to Condenser) combo boxes

To select the Aux. Water user.

If "For Boiler Reheater Attemperator" or "For Boiler Superheater Attemperator" is selected, no make-up water to condenser is required because the same flow rate is returned to turbine cycle automatically.   However, in case of "For External Use", the maek-up water as much as the supply flow rate is supplied to condenser automatically.


Feed Water Heater Operation frame ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

To select Out of Operation or Bypass Operation of Feed Water Heaters.   In case of Bypass Operation, input of bypass % is required.

If Out of Operation is selected, the bypass % is changed to 100% and then inactivated.

Out of Operation and Bypass Operation is not possible for Contact type feed water heater.


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