List and File Save


List Add / Update / Delete

There are two lists in ES_Rankine.   One is Design Heat Balance list, and the other is Operation Heat Balance list.   "Design" and "Oper." combo boxes in Shortcut Icon box list the lists respectively.

Operation Heat Balance list is subordinate of a Design Heat Balance list item.   A Design Heat Balance list item can include several Operation Heat Balance list items.

List Add / Update / Delete can be done by clicking relevant buttons in Button frame.  

Please note that the data added / updated /deleted to the list are the data used in the latest run.   The data changed after the latest run shall not be listed.


File Save

List Add / Update / Delete do not mean File Save.   Even though User adds / updates / deletes lists, the data shall be lost if User does not save to a file.

Therefore, it is recommended to do file save from time to time.


+ File Save check box

If "+ File Save" check box at bottom of Button frame is checked, file save is automatically done whenever User adds / updates / deletes lists.

It is recommended to check this check box, so that User's data can be file saved whenever he manages lists.


File Combination

This function is to combine two ES_Rankine files into one.   This is useful to combine all the heat balance data prepared by several Users into one for storage purpose.

Select the first file to combine by clicking "File A..." button, and the second file by clicking "File B..." button.   Then click "Combine A & B..." button to select combined file name to save.


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