Installation and Execution of Software


Please install and execute ENGSOFT software as below.

The following are provided with ENGSOFT software for installation and execution.

- Installation CD delivered by courier service

- Dongle Key for copy protection delivered by courier service

- License file delivered by e-mail


Installation Method

1) There are two kinds of installation files.   One is "setup.exe", and the other is "software_title.msi".

If it is first installation, you may use either of installation files, "setup.exe" file or ".msi' file.

If it is update installation, please use ".msi" file.   When installation window asks "Repair" or "Romove", then please select "Remove", so that the files installed previously can be removed completely.   And then please re-install newly the update version once again.   This is because the "setup.exe" does not completely remove the previously-installed files.

Some personal computers may not recognize ".msi" file as installation file.   If the case, please remove the previously-installed files by using the "Program Add/Remove" function of Windows Control Panel.   Then, install the update version by "setup.exe".


2) Please copy and paste the License file(.dlf) to the directory where the software has been installed.

If installation directory was not changed from default, the installation directory is "C:\Program Files\" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\".


Execution Method

1) Please insert the Dongle Key into USB port of Personal Computer.

2) Run the software by clicking the shortcut icon on the screen or shortcut sub-menu(ENGSOFT+) of Windows Start menu.

3) During software operation, the Dongle Key should be kept as inserted into USB port.   If not, the software run terminates automatically and abruptly.


Write Permission of Software Installation Folder

The text output files are automatically generated on the software installation folder.    If an error occurs during text output operation, permission of the software installation folder should be checked.   Permission status of the software installation folder must be set to "Write".

In case of Windows XP and Vista, the default installation folder of "C:\Program Files\" is normally set to "Write".   Therefore, normally no need to edit the folder permission.

However, in case of Windows 7 or 8, the default installation folder of "C:\Program Files (x86)\" is NOT normally set to "Write".   Therefore, User may edit the folder's permission status.

In case of Windows 7, the permission of the software installation folder for "User" should be set to "Full Control" in "Security" tab of the folder's Property window, which shall be open by right clicking the folder and then clicking the option that says "Property".


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