Steam Tab

This tab is to select Calculation base and input steam conditions of Design Heat Balance.   All selections and inputs of this tab is duplicated in "Graphic" tab.


To select the calculation basis, i.e.Power Given or Flow Given.   Power Given is that the gross turbine generator output is given by the User and turbine inlet flow is calculated by the software.   Flow Given is that the turbine inlet steam flow is given by the User and the output is calculated by the software.

According to selection, relevant input text boxes are activated or inactivated.   Activated text boxes for accepting the User's input have green background color.

According to this selection, the option button selections for "Power given" and "Flow given" in "Graphic" tab changes automatically.


Item, Unit, Value text boxes

To input the relevant value for Design Heat Balance.   The green background color boxes should be input by user.


Turbine Inlet combo boxes

To select (HP) turbine inlet steam conditions to be given.

The first combo box is for the first property of steam.   There is only one selection, i.e. pressure, no more selection.   

The second combo box is for the second property of steam.   Three selections are there, i.e. temperature, dryness or enthalpy.

Reheat turbine inlet steam condition is to be defined by pressure and temperature only.


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