Text Output


Text Output is to show heat balance calculation results in text.

Default text output is the output by Note Pad software of Windows, and alternate text output is by the Excel software of Microsoft Office.

Note Pad execution file should be located in the file path of "C:\Windows\notepad.exe".  For output in Excel file, official Excel software should be available in the PC.   Free Excel Viewer does not work for the text output.

The text outputs of Design Heat Balance and Operation Heat Balance are saved and overwritten automatically in the file names of "ES_Rankine_e.txt" and "ES_Rankine_PLoad_e.txt" respectively in the directory where ES_Rankine execution file is located.   Therefore, if User wants to save the text outputs, please save the text output files as other names by using file save function of Note Pad software.

 In case of Excel ouput, the same is true, except the file names are "ES_Rankine_e.xls" and "ES_Rankine_PLoad_e.xls" respectively.   Please note that the Excel file format saved by ES_Rankine may be different from a regular Excel file format.   Therefore, after opening the file in Excel, please save it again as regular Excel format.


Text Output Option window

The Text Output Options window opens by clicking the menu of "Option -> Text Output...".


Print Notes check box

To select whether the contents of "Notes" in "Others" tab of DESIGN shall be printed in the text output.


Print Raw Data Format check box

To select whether figures in text output shall be printed out in raw data format.   Raw data format is double precision real.

If this check box is unchecked, the figures are printed in the format selected in "Places of Decimals in Text Output" frame.


Output in Microsoft Excel instead of Microsoft NotePad check box

To select whether text output shall be printed in Microsoft Office Excel file(.xls) instead of Windows Note Pad file(.txt).


Places of Decimal in Text Output combo boxes

To select decimals of figures to be printed in text output.

"Pressure" combo box is for pressures equal to or greater than 1, and "Low Pressure" combo box is for pressures less than 1.

If "Use commas for 1000 separator" is checked, every 1000 decimals are separated by commas.


Open Text Output File(.txt) in Microsoft Word Software

If you open the Text Output file with "txt" extension in MS Word software, MS Word may ask for File Conversion Encoding selection.   If so, please select "Windows(Default)" encoding.   If so, the text output in MS Word maintain the same shape with Note Pad text output.


Contents of Text Output

Text output contents of Design Heat Balance are as below.   Those of Operation Heat Balance are same, except Clause 5,6 and 7 that are not shown because they are design data.





Turbine Efficiency



Heat Balance Data



3.1 Boiler and Turbine



3.2. Gland Steam Regulator



3.3 Feed Water Heaters



3.4 BFP Driving Turbine



3.5 Aux. Steam(1) Supply



3.6 Aux. Steam(2) Supply



3.7 Aux. Water Supply



3.8 Heat Rate



Input Data



4.1 Performance



4.2 Feed Water Heaters



4.3 Turbine



4.4 Last Stage Design for Condensing Turbine



4.5 Pipes



4.6 Condenser



4.7 Pumps



4.8 BFP Driving Turbine



4.9 Aux. Steam(1) Supply



4.10 Aux. Steam(2) Supply



4.11 Aux. Water Supply



Condenser Design



Pump Design (For Pressure Head Only)



6.1 Boiler Feed Water Pump



6.2 Condensate Extraction Pump



6.3 Condenser Cooling Water Pump



Reheating Enthalpy Level



7.1 Reheating AEEP Level



7.2 Reheating UEEP Level



 Example of Text Output printed in Note Pad


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