Unit Selection


Units to be used for calculation can be selected in the Unit Selection form below, which pops up by clicking the menu of "Option -> Unit -> Unit Selection".

Unit selection can be done in a group by "Unit System" combo box, or one by one by unit combo boxes.   

There are three Unit System, i.e. Metric Unit System, SI Unit System and British Unit System.

If one or more units changes in a Unit System, the item of Unit System combo box changes to "Mixed Units".


There are two Pressure units.  One is just Pressure unit, and the other is Condenser Pressure unit.   Condenser Pressure unit is used for Condenser Pressure and BFP Driving Turbine Exhaust Pressure.


ES_Rankine uses independent units for each Design Heat Balance.   That is, each item in "Design" combo box has its own independent units.   Units of Operation Heat Balance are same with those of the Design Heat Balance that the Operation Heat Balance is based on.


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