Successful Installation of ES_StableIF97 AddIn

If ES_StableIF97_AddIn software is successfully installed, the following ES_StableIF97_AddIn menu is generated in MS Excel menu.

MS Excel 2003 Version

MS Excel 2007 Version

Note 1) If the menus shown above were not generated, COM AddIn registry is not correct.   Please refer to "COM AddIn Registration" for ES_StableIF97_AddIn COM Addin registry in MS Windows registry.   Especially please confirm that the "LoadBehavior" is set at "3" instead of "9".

Note 2) If ES_StableIF97_AddIn functions do not work in Excel software, Automation AddIn registry is not correct.   Please refer to "Automation AddIn Registration" for ES_StableIF97_AddIn Automation Addin registry in MS Windows registry.   Especially please confirm that the number of "OPEN999" name must be changed to have serial number with existing OPEN registries.

Note 3) If ES_StableIF97_AddIn software is installed in second time, the software installer asks "Repair" or "Remove".   Then please select "Remove" and after that please reinstall.

Appropriate registry input of MS Windows is required for operation of the software.   Although necessary registry input of the software is done automatically by software installer, it is better to know about the contents of registry for manipulation of software working environment.


Notes when using Example Excel File :

1) When the Example File is open in your Excel software, a message may pop up for macro warning.   If the case, please select "Including Macro" so that the VBA codes in the Example can be loaded.

2) If User clicks the command buttons for VBA in the Example for the first time after the file is open and has an error message that object can not be found, it is caused by the LoadBehavior of MS Windows registry set not at "3".   Please refer to COM AddIn Registration for setting the registry at "3".



MS Excel's COM Add-Ins Dialog

All MS Excel's COM Add-Ins show up in MS Excel's COM Add-Ins dialog, where they can be loaded and unloaded like any other add-ins.   Unfortunately the COM Add-Ins menu item (to show the dialog) is not on any of MS Excel's standard menu.   The user needs to customize his command bars to be able to access that dialog, by doing the following.

MS Excel Version 2003

When the user clicks "COM Add-Ins..." menu in MS Excel, COM Add-Ins dialog box is shown, where all COM Add-Ins available are listed with a check box in front of each COM Add-In.   ES_StableIF97 AddIn will be there, if it is registered correctly.

If ES_StableIF97 AddIn is unchecked in the COM Add-Ins dialog box, the menu and toolbar of ES_StableIF97 AddIn is unloaded and disappeared.   This unchecking makes just unloading of the menu and toolbar only.   Even though the COM Add-In is unloaded and so the menu with toolbar is disappeared, the ES_StableIF97 functions are still working.

If ES_StableIF97 AddIn is checked in the COM Add-Ins dialog box again, the menu of ES_StableIF97 AddIn is loaded and appeared.   But the toolbar is not appeared, but loaded.    In order to make the toolbar appeared, the user has to invoke the toolbar by clicking [View] menu and then [Tools] sub-menu and then checking [ES_StableIF97] item.

The picture below is MS Excel menus with the "COM Add_Ins..." menu shown.   In the picture, the menu of "ES_AddIn" and the toolbars of "ES_StableIF97 AddIn Functions" and "ES_StableIF97 Units" are shown also.


MS Excel Version 2007

In the "COM Addins" window, all available addins are listed.   If ES_StableIF97_AddIn is correctly registered, there must be "ES_StableIF97_Addin" as shown in the picture below.

If User unchecks the check box in front of ES_StableIF97_AddIn, then ES_StableIF97_Addin menus are disappeared.   This just disappear the menus only.   Still ES_StableIF97_AddIn functions work in MS Excel program.

Then, if User checks the check box in front of ES_StableIF97_AddIn again, the menus appears again.

The picture below shows the ES_Stable_AddIn menus below the Addins main menu.

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