ENGSOFT Free Open Beta Version Application

Application for ENGSOFT Free Open Beta Software

How to Activate ENGSOFT Software

You can receive the Free Open Beta ENGSOFT software by submitting the application above to ENGSoft Lab.   The software is delivered by e-mail to the applicant directly.

The software is provided in license fee free to the applicants under the conditions that ;

1) the software can not be sold in any forms;

2) the software can not be distributed in any forms in Internet.

3) the applicant must agree on "Listing as an user in ENGSoft web site" in the application form.

4) the software may not be provided if the applicant identification is not clear or the purpose of software usage is not clear.


If you agree on the conditions described above, you may now apply the software by clicking the button below.

In the application form, please be sure to input "Software User ID" and "Software User PW(Password), which are required for activation of software in their first run.

The special characters of "@", "#" and "%" are not allowed for use in User ID and User PW.

For the ID and PW, please use assembly of the alphabet or number related with users.   If anonymous assembly of alphabet or number, such as "aaaaaa" or "11111111" is submitted, the software may not be provided.



The public beta test version is provided in the same manner with the commercial version as below.

1) An installation file is provided in along with a license file which was prepared for each applicant.

2) The software is activated by the license file and the Software User PW in an activation form popping up in the first run of the software.

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