Free Open Beta Test Software Application

Application for ENGSOFT License Files

How to Activate ENGSOFT Software

The installation files of free open beta software are to be downloaded from the links below.   The license files to activate the software downloaded are to be sent to the applicants who submit the application form above.   

Installation Files

ES_StableIF97 AddIn

ES_StableIF97 EXE



Note : Please note that ES_StableIF97 AddIn works only in 32 bits MS Excel environment.

The software is provided in license fee free to the applicants under the conditions that ;

1) the software can not be sold in any forms;

2) the software can not be distributed in any forms..

3) the open beta version software shall not be used anymore when the commercial version of the software is issued.


In the application form, please be sure to input "Software User ID" and "Software User PW(Password), which are required for activation of software in their first run.

The special characters of "@", "#" and "%" are not allowed for use in User ID and User PW.

For the ID and PW, please use assembly of the alphabet or number related with users.   If anonymous assembly of alphabet or number, such as "aaaaaa" or "11111111" is submitted, the software may not be provided.

Copyright (c) : ENGSoft Inc., Seoul, Korea, All right reserved since 2008.  /