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ES_Boiler Ver. 100.0002b Issue (2017.8.1)


In the Ver. 100.0002b version, the following errors has been corrected.

- Activation error in 64 bits Windows OS

- Ash flow calculation error

- Fuel heating value save error, etc.

The users who have license files are encouraged to download the Ver. 100.0002b installation file from the link below and install it.

Before installing, please remove the Ver. 100.0001b software by using the Program Add/Remove function of Windows Control Panel.

The Ver. 100.0002b installation file is useful only for the users who have license files.   If the program is installed, it is not activated without license file.

New users who want to use the Ver. 100.0002b software are encouraged to apply it in the Free Open Beta Application page.

Download ES_Boiler Ver. 1.00.0002b


ES_Rankine and ES_Boiler are now distributed as Free Open Beta Application (2016.6.7)


ENGSOFT Lab decided to distribute ES_Rankine as Free Open Beta version.

Additionally ES_Boiler is distributed as Free Open Beta version.

Please apply them in the Free Open Beta Application page on the left.

All Free Open Beta software can be applied by a form in the page.

ES_Rankine, Heat Balance Software for Steam Turbine Based Power Plant, Issued (2013.1.3)


ENGSOFT developed and issued a new commercial software named as ES_Rankine.   As the name implies, it calculates heat balances of Rankine cycle, i.e. steam turbine based, regenerative and reheat turbine cycle.

ES_Rankine is menu driven software so that design and operation heat balances can be prepared by a few clicks.   

ES_Rankine provides a group of built-in design heat balances prepared by ENGSOFT Lab according to industry practice and encompassing from 100 MW through 1000 MW rating and sub-critical through advanced ultra-supercritical pressure and temperature.    User can start from the built-in design heat balances to prepare his design heat balances, not from grassroots.  ES_Rankine calls it as "Smart Run".

ES_Rankine provides optimization study functions for final feed water temperature and reheat pressure.   It is very helpful for engineers to know about optimum design figures in order to lead their projects.   Without the knowledge about them, he can not lead turbine manufacturers.   These optimization studies can be done by "Run for Finding Optimum Enthalpy Rise" function as well as "Smart Run" function of ES_Rankine.

We are sure that ES_Rankine is a very smart software that produces heat balances very quickly and easily, but accurate in accordance with industry practice.

Debugged ES_Stable OCX File Uploaded (2013.8.2)


A bug is found when searching steam properties with pressure and enthalpy.

Please download the zip file below and patch into the directory of "Program Files / ENGSoft / common" over the existing file.


Home Page Newly Updated (2013.8.1)


Home Page of ENGSOFT is now updated for better view and better configuration.

And, ENGSOFT changed its official name to ENGSOFT Lab

ES_StableIF97 AddIn Use in MS Excel 2013 possible (2013.8.1)


ES_StableIF97 AddIn is possible to use in MS Excel 2013 as well.

Only change is the registry directory of 15.0 instead of 14.0 of MS Excel 2010.  Please refer to Registry page of ES_StableIF97 home.

A new software "ESHB_Regen" under preparation


We are now coding a software to be titled as "ESHB_Regen", which calculates heat balance of steam turbine cycle, regenerative and reheating.

To be issued soon.