ES_PumpPower User Manual





1.  Introduction



ES_PumpPower is the software to calculate the pump BHP, motor rating and motor input power from the pump capacity, pump head and pump efficiency the user inputs.

This calculation is simple, but sometimes not so handy because of equation itself, unit conversion, specific volume, motor rating, etc.

ES_PumpPower is the software to make the calculation handy.

The user can select either of volume flow or mass flow for pump capacity, and the specific volume of water can be input by the built-in steam table.   Pump total head can be input either of heat itself or suction pressure cum discharge pressure.    Pump efficiency should be input by the user.   Motor rating is selected as the minimum rating in the built-in motor rating table that has the Motor Rating Minimum Margin over the pump BHP calculated.

The built-in motor rating table has 1000 kW as the maximum value.   When the motor rating selected is above 1000 kW, the motor rating is shown as calculated.   For the motors above 1000 kW, 91.5% motor efficiency is used constantly when automatic motor efficiency option is selected.


2. How to Use

The text input boxes with green background color are the boxes the user has to input.

The menu [Option] has the following options.

[Set calculation units...] : Set the current calculation units.

[Set the current units as default] : Set the current units as the default units to be used when the software starts to run.

[Pump capacity basis] : Select either of volume flow or mass flow.

[Head input basis] : Select either of pressure or total head.

[Motor efficiency input basis] : Select either of automatic or user input.



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