ES_Stable User Manual - Rev. 1

1. Introduction

2. How to use



1.  Introduction

ES_Stable is the program to get steam or water properties from a built-in data base prepared by ENGSoft Inc. according to IFC Formulation for Industrial Use(1967).   The program does not calculate the properties by equations, but find out neighboring properties and calculate the properties wanted by interpolation as engineers normally do with steam table book.

The program get properties of superheated steam and sub-cooled water with two properties known among pressure, temperature, enthalpy and entropy.   Properties of saturated water and steam can be gotten with a property known in pressure or temperature.

Input properties should be within the following ranges and if out of the ranges the program gives user alarm

< Ranges of Steam and Water Properties >





0.01 kg/cm2 abs. (0.143 psia)

500 kg/cm2 abs. (7111 pisa)


10 oC (50 oF)

700 oC (1292 oF)


10.1 kcal/kg (18.18 Btu/lb)

938.4 kcal/kg (1689 But/lb)


0.035 kcal/kg/K (0.035 Btu/lb/R)

2.74 kcal/kg/K (2.74 But/lb//R)


< Ranges of Saturated Water and Steam Properties >





0.006697 kg/cm2 abs. (0.09525 psia)

225.56 kg/cm2 abs. (3208.2 psia)


1 oC (33.8 oF)

375.15 oC (707.27 oF)


2. How to Use  (TOC)

Three input frames has been prepared in the program.   The first frame in the left is Steam/Water frame for getting superheated steam and sub-cooled water, the second in the middle is Sat. Water frame for saturated water and the third in the right is Sat. Steam for saturated steam.   Each frame can be used independently to get its own properties.

However, depending on the selection of options below, the properties of other frame can be gotten automatically by the program.

In each frame, the input property entered just before is glittered in green color while the input property entered before in Steam/Water frame is glittered in light-green color.   After getting the properties, glittering stops.

[Get] command button is activated only after input properties are entered completely.


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